Sr. Administrative Assistant
with German precision
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What I have accomplished


My employers are impressed with my work skills, dependability and enthusiasm. My solid management skills have proven to be most valuable in executing my work duties. My professionalism and European work ethic underscored by my efficiency and hard work, led to successful art exhibitions for the artists Steve and Yvonne Maloney and in correlation with the American Specialty Healthplan to a profitable fundraiser for Senator Tom Hawkin (IA-D) at the Four Season Aviara Hotel in Carlsbad, CA. 
I was instrumental in helping organize a Vernissage together with Melissa Morgan Fine Art of Palm Desert, CA  and Esperanza Movies in Palm Springs, CA, which drew an audience of 400+ art aficionados. My extensive travels to foreign countries and my enthusiastic personality allow me to converse effortlessly both through language and cultural knowledge and gives the hosting principle space to communicate with their clientele. 
I believe in achieving excellence in everything I do and I love to inspire others to do the same. I set high goals for my own performances by defining myself as a disciplined and influencing person who without difficulty interacts with others to increase the overall performance.
In fulfilling my personal goals, I perform best when the work demands are high. My talent in visualizing the big picture, collecting vital information and solving problems during the development, contributed to the successful launch of the KOJO Worldwide “Sweet Sleeper Bed” scheme which is installed at all Sheraton Hotels across the US .
My confidence and caring attitude, passion and devotion to my projects increase my intrinsic satisfaction for being able to help others. I have the flexibility to meet the unique and high demands of any job. I am willing to move and or, travel to meet the requirements of a job.

Core Strengths: 

Administrative Support to all levels of Executives
Project Management
Client Relationship & Customer Service
Event Planning Management
Domestic & International Travel
Process & Productivity Improvement
Graphic / Design Expertise

I define myself

·         …by productivity and performance
·         …being at my best when I have a lot to do. I am most efficient  when work demands are high
·         …being an optimist who quickly sees the positive prospective of a situation and create solutions for each
            potential problem or obstacle
·         …having a driving need to be productive and define my performance measure by quantify

I am effective

·         …gaining intrinsic satisfaction when I am able to help others
·         …by inspiring, influencing and interacting with others to increase my  overall work performance
·         …having the strength to diffuse tension and encourage team enthusiasm
·         …having the gift for providing genius feedback that helps others become the best of who they are

I work best

·         …with my desire to help others and my gift for solving problems contributes to my potential in service
·         …when I have a framework to see the big picture before organizing a project
·         …tending to do a good job by listening and collecting the information needed to understand the root of a
            problem before I diagnose and resolve issues.

I demonstrate

·    …clarity when others lose their way
·         …natural ability for consistently following through on tasks and getting the job done
·         …by recognizing the importance of my role in moving other to realize the results of their efforts
·         …by fulfilling my personal goals seeking the support of a mentor who encourages my strengths and
            experience that I need to develop        



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